Brawl Star – Nita Good Starter


One of the characters of Brawl Star that is widely used and good for in and out situation is Nita. She has a spirit animal, a very big baby bear that can aid her for the hunt. They somehow, the duo for hunt, a power shaman that can turn table in whatever game mode. There are things that you should look forward for this type of character. She also has weakness and if you know about certain area on how to handle Nita, then you will be unstoppable.



As you can see, Nita starts with the HP of 1000, a good starting HP plus with the start of 100 damage per hit or strike. Her critical or normal hit rate will range at 160 per attack. Take note that this game character is powerful when her buddy is with her.

Good health status from the start and it makes her survive and withstand every attack coming from the opponent. The good thing about Nita’s Bear is it has a passive skill that can shield aura, making her more like a tank. Opponents will try to kill her bear first so that it is easy to hit Nita. If the bear is killed, certain HP loss or somehow hit points will decrease. It is very vital for her to have her bear alongside in every battle. Every skills that she has can be very deadly and powerful that it requires agility and quick response to kill Nita.

Nita also possesses some skills like the splash damage. In the first place, her base damage is just average but when using the activation mode of her ultra skill it will produce heavy damage. It’sĀ  better to face Nita after she activates her super skill. When this is activated, the critical strikes will be higher and sometimes if lucky enough, the opponent will be dead only for one hit. Nita’s should be careful about the range type character. She is an easy prey to long range type.

The best thing about Nita is that spawn giant bear, good for the start can make your HP much more higher and buff more defense. It is really hard for Nita to kill foe without her bear and her bear is a tank or even both of you is the tank, a tank that can withstand numerous strikes and attacks. The bear will be her vanguard. It is always the first one to attack a foe when it is near its range. When Nita’s Ultra skills is activated, the base damage and the critical damage will be doubled. If ever you are facing Nita’s Ultra skill mode better to run or better to hit and run, or for the sake of survival, just escape.


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