Insomniac’s Spider-Man PS4 – Venom Is Absent

Insomniac’s Spider Man of Sony PS4 prepares a remarkable roster of villains in the game. Creator stated that fan-favorite antagonist Venom will unfortunately not be involved in the game. While Otto Octavius has his own video game like Sinister Six, but for Venom there is no room fit for this huge villain in the game.

Currently, Sony has already given fans the potential lists to fill Doc Ock’s Sinister Six with names like Rhino, Vulture, Scorpion, Vulture and Mr. Negative. It is also confirmed that Shocker, Kingpin, and Norman Osborn will be strolling in the city street of New York, however it’s sad thing to know that Venom will not be included.

Definitely, there are plenty of rogues that Insomniac would have decided for the most ambitious Spider game this year. However, it was confirmed by Art Director Jacinda Chew that they made a choice not put Venom in the project. While there are plenty of fans who want to put Venom on the game, Chew stated that Spider-Man will have to be establish first in this whole new universe in the game as a lead wall crawling hero and we don’t want Venom to enter because they have the same ability as well. Of course, the developer did not end up saying that they will not really put Venom in the game but for now, they have to make things in order. Maybe in the future they can give fans what they want.

Some fans predicted that Venom might come in DLC content and that is a great way for the development to gather profit of the coming Venom’s video game which will be released on October 5 which is much closer to Spider-Man’s September launch. Fortunately, Insomniac’s Spider Man and Venom are not limited by the morals of the MCU and the rosters are much more likely to be seen in PS4 form than to be in the approaching movie of Spider Man.

In fact, the developer of the movies and the video game has reestablished the character in theater after Topher Grace’s Spider Man 3 performance is a nice way to shift to another video game in a sequel. Developers can easily add something about the game especially those things which need questions.

Gamers might see Eddie Brock’s symbiote alter ego appearing in the game which was featured in Spider Man 3. This does not mean that Venom won’t be showing his madness in the game. However for now, let us just wait for the MCU to decide what is the best for their character whether in the movies or in the game while fans got information that Mary Jane Watson will have her role in the Spider Man universe as an investigative journalist. This is a great change of plot because we all know that in the movie, she is just desperate stage actress who wants to be successful. Considering that Mary Jane and Watson and Eddie Brook are characters of the Spider Man 3 universe, we will be expecting that these two will have to be in competition that will get fresh scope and Watson would discover unexpected thing about Brook.

Some say, that Spider Man is half successful compared to other MCU characters whether in the movie or video game. Yet the questions remain why he is very in demand? The answer to that is very simple, Spider Man whether in movies or in the video games is very well loved by fans. We should always expect that Venom will appear in the Spider Man Universe, but maybe for now, let us give Spider Man credit in this new video game and after that Venom as well.

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